Myoreflex Basic Training Course in Vienna (Austria)

Date 01.07.2021 | Vienna (Austria)

A collaboration of the ImPulsTanz Academy (AT) and Vesalius GmbH Konstanz (DE):

Embodied Myoreflex Therapy Practitioner Certification (EMP)

Module 1: Myoreflex Therapy (manual trauma & pain therapy)

Module 2: Tensegric Embodiment (neuro-myo-fascial somatic movement education)

EMP is the further education for any dance and movement practitioner, arts and other educator, artist, therapist, social worker wanting to create an effective therapeutic and educational embodied practice. As certified Myoreflex therapist using neuro-myo-fascial movement practice, the EMP is able to release the full range of movement potential of their clients. Through integrating elective ImPulsTanz dance and somatic workshops in the EMP curriculum, program graduates build an individual professional profile. The sensing, thinking and feeling bodies of both EMP and client unfold abundant inner and outer relationships, stimulating agency and response-ability. Together they create an eco-somatic habitat - a tensegric embodiment.

So all the informations to dates, course details & application you will find here:

Myoreflex basic training

Published 20.10.2020


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