Myoreflex Training

We offer a training program in Myoreflex Therapy on a part-time, extra-occupational basis to accommodate ongoing professional work. Training takes place in the form of weekend seminars, concluding with a practical and theoretical examination. Most participants typically take approximately 1.5 years to complete their training.

The curriculum is divided into theoretical and practical instruction. Major areas of emphasis include the anatomy of the muscular system and functional relationships in the active musculoskeletal system and the vital area of muscle physiology and neurophysiology that explains the underlying mechanisms of Myoreflex Therapy. Psychological aspects of Myoreflex Therapy treatment are explored with respect to patients with a history of trauma, stress-related health problems and long-standing relieving postures secondary to chronic pain.

»Wisdom only begins when you can give things a name.«
(Chinese proverb)

The transfer of knowledge to practice is made possible through discussions of exemplary case histories. The syllabus is enriched with subjects related to the treatment of amateur and professional athletes, metabolic physiology, muscle metabolism, nutrition, treatment of children, treatment of neurological illnesses, acupuncture, and other topical areas.

Practical experience in employing specific treatment techniques occupies an equally important place in the curriculum so students can gradually perfect their fine finger sensitivity. In addition, practical exercises in performing KiD (Kraft in Dehnung, or resistance training in stretched positions), an important element of Myoreflex Therapy, are included as part of each seminar unit along with illustrations of different areas of application.
In order to deepen your understanding, we also offer advanced courses that you can attend after successful completion of your basic training program. You can find additional information on the topics and schedules for our advanced training courses under the menu item “advanced courses.”

Myoreflex training brings together a wealth of experience accumulated from 25 years of work and related research. You will directly benefit from the therapists’ extensive experience – as all of the instructors are engaged in ongoing clinical practice. We would like to warmly invite you to become a participant in this work.


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