Books by Kurt and Reiner Mosetter

Among our commitments is to write self-help literature for interested laypersons and patients along with textbooks for doctors and therapists.

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At the Patmos Verlag we have published our two self-help “classics” about KiD exercises [resistance training in stretched positions]: KiD – Kraft in der Dehnung (KiD – Resistance Training in Stretched Positions), and Schmerzen heilen mit der KiD Methode (Curing Pain with the KiD Method). Through the Asanger Verlag, we publish a guidebook titled Stress im Beruf (Occupational Stress). And at the Gräfe & Unzer Verlag, you can find a wonderful introductory work: Die vier Kräfte der Selbstheilung (The Four Powers of Self-Healing). This book includes a description of a selection of our KiD exercises together with suggestions for a healthy diet.

The two fundamental textbooks on Myoreflex Therapy, Myoreflex Therapy Volumes 1 & 2 as well as the book, Hören im Gleichgewicht – Neue Horizonte bei Tinnitus und Beeinträchtigungen des Ohrs (Hearing in Equilibrium – New Horizons for Individuals with Tinnitus and Ear Problems) have been published by the Vesalius Verlag in Konstanz.

Other Authors

We are also pleased to be able to offer a literary home for several other selected authors at the Vesalius Verlag. Currently, we publish the following works:

  • Fasser, Wolfgang (2012): Jenseits der Grenzen [Beyond the Limits]. Konstanz: Vesalius.
  • Haffelder, Günter (2012): Frühkindliche Traumatisierungen – EEG-spectralanalytische Diagnostik von geburtlichen Traumatisierungen [Early Childhood Trauma: EEG-spectral Analysis in the Diagnosis of Perinatal Trauma]. Konstanz: Vesalius.

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