Knee Pain

The knee joint may be compared to the drawbar of a horse-drawn carriage: the function of the drawbar is assured by a well-positioned horse and the coachman’s expert guidance on the reins. In the same way, the muscular extensions from the pelvic muscles and the long systems of the thigh muscles govern the way that the knee joint is centered, guided, nourished, tensed and relaxed.

If just a single muscle axis of the thigh is too short or too strong, this will shift the knee joint away from its ideal guidance. This can also happen if just a single muscular rein from the pelvis is out of kilter. The consequence is that the kneecap can no longer be kept centered, but instead deviates to the right or the left. This shift causes the delicate meniscal strands to become trapped – sensitive cartilaginous structures can be eroded in this way or even destroyed. The final result is a painful knee.

Once such pain is correctly understood as an expression of disturbed movement geometry and the appropriate muscles are corrected, it is possible to prevent greater damage. The solution is muscular equilibrium. We can apply a familiar metaphor to the knee joint: don’t try to fix your car with a hammer; instead, try to understand it, and it will be there to serve you.

Chronic improper stresses on the knee joint can lead to arthritis as a result of weakening and damage to cartilage and to bony structures. However, even advanced degenerative changes in the knee joint do not necessarily have to result in pain. Well into old age, arthritic joints can be unburdened through muscular compensation and held in a stable position in motion. Targeted muscular work using the Myoreflex Therapy model and specifically designed KiD exercises (resistance training in stretched positions) can provide elegant treatment for knee pain and arthritis of the knee joints and keep the joints on the right track.


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