Back Pain

After eliminating the possibility of less common causes, such as tumors and metastases, 90% of cases of back pain are triggered by muscular disequilibrium and muscle imbalances. Pain arises in response to overuse in those regions that have to continuously and excessively counteract shortened muscles and weak points in other places. It is similar to what happens when you overstretch a bow – the cause is not located at the break point but instead, on the opposite side, where you are pulling too often and too hard.

In a similar way, Myoreflex Therapy does not treat back pain on the side where it hurts, but instead, on the other side, around the abdominal muscles. Through targeted, finely attuned pressure point stimulation to the anterior pelvic muscles, it is possible to resolve states of excessive and unbalanced tension. As a consequence, the back muscles are also unburdened, the equilibrium of forces between the anterior and posterior muscles comes back into balance, and the pain disappears.

The art of therapy consists of locating the most important treatment points for each individual patient. According to the nature of the patient’s daily burden, sitting posture or prior history of accidents, the “over-stretched bow” may be configured in different ways. The Myoreflex Therapy model involves a determination of these underlying factors and then, treating the right combination of muscle insertion points leads to freedom from pain.

Through finely palpated and gently applied manual stimuli in the region of the upper cervical vertebrae, the critically important circuitry of the autonomic nervous can be brought back in line. Elevated levels of tension from sympathetic nervous system stimulation diminish, and the inhibitory effects of parasympathetic nervous system stimulation via the vagus nerve can successfully take over the function of self-regulation.

This method often provides basic and sustained relief for neck pain, tension in the shoulder girdle, headache, and shoulder-arm syndromes.


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