Training and Mobility

An essential part of successful convalescence after injury, illness or psychological trauma lies in the possibility of being able to move again and to be at home in ones body. In Myoreflex Therapy we experience great results with certain systems and devices that we would like to present in detail here.

Galileo Vibration Training

The Galileo Vibration Training by Novotec is distinguished in that the vibrating movement is not a jerky up-and-down impulse as in other vibrating devices, but rather an alternately tilting momentum on the left and right foot. This way, we are able to train at high frequencies without putting excessive stress on the joints.

In our ZiT practices we work with both the classic floor units as well as with Galileo therapy tables. This enables us to utilize the gravity load, which can be controlled via the tilting angle of the table. Thus we can help people with severe disabilities or senior citizens to regain their mobiity.

For more information, please visit Novotec Medical's website.

Fle-xx – The Backbone Concept

The roots of fle-xx reach back to Walter Packi – one of Kurt Mosetter's early teachers. While Mosetter refined Packi's theories and incorporated them into a holistic therapeutic approach with Myoreflex Therapy, flex-xx-inventor Rudolf Plüddemann used the Packi teachings to develop a training concept.

With the expertly crafted exercise equipment made ​​of untreated wood, the muscle chains, which are the main focus in the Myoreflex Therapy, can be trained purposefully and effectively. In our ZiT practice in Konstanz, we now have a complete fle-xx training circle that our patients can use to expand their range of motion.

For more information, please visit fle-xx's website.

4DPro Reaction Trainer

The 4DPro Reaction Trainer is basically a cable with loops which is attached to the ceiling. But the key component lies in elastic bands, which are latched between the loops and the actual cable. Through these bands 4DPro presents a highly dynamic training device that is suitable for a variety of exercises. The goal is not to conentrate on individual muscles or muscle groups, but always to exercise the whole body.

By changing the elasticity of the system through the number of elastic bands in use, the device can be adapted to the individual patient and the particular exercise. The resulting trampoline effect allows for a challenging and variable muscle length training. Our patients can use this system in our practice rooms very efficiently, for example, to support their Myoreflex Resistance Stretch (KiD) exercises.

For more information, please visit 4DPro's website.


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