Resistance Training in Stretched Positions (KiD)

For decades, experts have altered their perspectives and opinions about whether and how stretching is beneficial. Research results would appear to still be contradictory. Meanwhile, it is clear that strength training has gained an ever more prominent role.

The tricky question is: what is the best way to build strength and when and for how long is it useful to stretch. When muscles are used primarily in the middle of their working range and trained in flexion, intelligent stretching would seem to be a balancing element. The better we adapt our training, strengthening, and stretching to the organizational principles of our brain, the more effective and efficient the results will be.

Maximum efficiency comes from an intelligent combination of strength training in stretched positions (KiD) – against resistance. The greater the number of muscle groups jointly activated in functional movement chains and the greater the range of motion, the better the training will be. For maximum stability, it is important to also train the antagonist muscle chains from stretched positions – for example, against the resistance of gravity, a Thera-Band, or the hands of a partner using KiD (resistance training in stretched positions).


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