Nutrition – A Cornerstone of Health

Just as a house built from crumbling bricks and rotten wood cannot remain functional for long, our body, too, needs good building materials in order to experience sustained strength and well-being. “I am what I eat” is an expression that keeps taking on new significance.

We need a sufficient amount of good individual elements such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and secondary plant substances with their complex functional inter-relationships in the body. Similarly, there is also a need for a balanced ratio of the energy sources fat, protein and carbohydrates. Naturally, it is also important to limit exposure to the toxic and harmful substances that we encounter in such diversity today.

One of the most significant imbalances in our industrialized societies involves the consumption of large quantities of bad carbohydrates in the form of sugar and flour products. Over the years, such a diet, in combination with a lack of exercise and too much stress, can result in a cellular energy supply disturbance, which is largely responsible for the occurrence of most of the so-called diseases of civilization.

Most often, establishing a new balance in this area in the form of a “species-appropriate” diet can restore the body’s original state of equilibrium in cellular energy supply. Rebalancing is remarkably promising for therapeutic help and recovery, especially in cases of chronic and seemingly incurable diseases.

For the perfect and sustainable regulation of pain conditions, back pain, joint impairments and muscular imbalances through the Myoreflex Therapy method, it is also desirable to attend to energy metabolism at the same time. Targeted dietary adjustments at the level of glucose metabolism make it possible to achieve the same long-term efficacy with fewer treatments.

In this model of Myonutrition, you should cut back on your intake of harmful fatty acids (trans fats, hardened fats and long-chain saturated fatty acids). You should also reduce your conumpstion of processed meat, artificially farmed meat and fish, and excessive quantities of animal protein from cow’s milk products. Sweet drinks, excessive starches, excessive fruit sugar and empty short-chain carbohydrates are bad for your health. Instead, your diet should consist of low-glucose, low-fructose fruits, low-fat organically raised beef, chicken breast, wild-caught fish, wild herbs, amaranth, quinoa, millet, black rice, heirloom varieties of cereal grains such as Waldstauden grain, linseed oil, walnuts, mushrooms, coconut oil, spices, goat and sheep milk products, avocados, and plenty of vegetables and salads. The single most important thing is to avoid sugar, sweet drinks and short-chain carbohydrates.

The successful result of these dietary changes: your metabolism will be re-educated and will recall its inborn strengths. You will sleep better – and the efficacy of your Myoreflex Therapy treatments will be enhanced.

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