Myoreflex Therapy as Complementary Trauma Therapy

Many traumatic stresses can prove overwhelming, leaving us to cope with helplessness, subjection, the inability to act and the experience of an existential threat. All traumatic experiences can potentially lead to phenomena such as startling, freezing, dissociation, breakdown, and reflex behavior feigning death.

These stress reactions can all get under our skin, become embodied in our muscular systems and affect our perceptions and experiences of bodily and emotional landscapes. Muscles shut down – they take our breath away – and our posture becomes stooped and stuck in an inhibited state of flight-or-fight activation. These experiences can feel so utterly crazy that reasonable, intellectually driven explanations have as little access to them as language-based therapeutic interventions. By means of evoking bodily memory, by means of neuromuscular regulation, by means of regulative treatment of the autonomic nervous system, by means of art and music therapy, it is possible to restore a healthy sense of one’s own body and reestablish neuromuscular balance in the brain and in the body.

Self-regulation requires strengthening the forces of self-healing. Using the access ways provided by Myoreflex Therapy, it is possible to overcome split-off elements of the self, over-stimulation and painful states that interfere with the inherent biological rhythm in the affected individual. This enables wounds to heal from within. Finally, piece-by-piece, the implicit and explicit memories become resynchronized – so psychotherapeutic measures can take hold more effectively.


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