Myoreflex Therapy for Seniors

The ways we think about our bodies and minds in old age affect our posture and behavior, and thus, our future as well. Health becomes a preoccupying issue for many of us as we grow older. It evokes a number of images and confronts us with a choice of different ways to respond. The good news is that thanks to various treatments and adjustments in our lifestyle, we do not have to march helplessly into the future. With a few well-chosen steps in the right direction, we can have a major positive effect on our well being – starting right now!

It remains true in advanced age: muscles, bones and the brain are living organs that can adapt to their circumstances. Immobility, passivity and “doing nothing” lead to degeneration. This means weak muscles, instability and unsteadiness of gait, feelings of dizziness, osteoporosis, and dementia. Through activity and targeted muscle training, even heavily used joints can maintain their mobility, bony structures will be weighted properly and thus remain stable. Moreover, healthy activation of the muscles, bones and the circulatory system helps to keep the brain fit. The simple magic formula is: healthy eating and exercise protect you from Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, dizziness, and unsteadiness of gait, and lower the risk of falling. Myoreflex Therapy and KiD exercises (resistance training in stretched positions) will show you the way.

Our objective is to maintain all of your physical and mental capacities and, in this way, to promote the greatest possible level of independence. We are motivated to give therapeutic support for individuals so they can maintain their autonomy in many areas of daily life, and where possible, even improve it.

Some of the focal areas of our work are at the level of the body – for example, optimizing steadiness of gait, relieving pain and preventing osteoporosis. In the psychological realm, we want to demonstrate options for people who suffer from forgetfulness and the sense that they are having a progressively harder time finding their way to recover their assurance, and to feel once again that they can rely on their brain for orientation and the ability to remember. Our desire with respect to the idea of old age is to stay fully mobile and thus independent for as long as possible. We have turned this desire into our goal!


The sooner we begin to engage in preventive care and the better and more specifically we develop our personal initiatives for mobility, gait security, fall prevention and maintenance of our mental capacities, the more resilient we will be in old age. We do not have to renounce the world and choose a path toward isolation, thereby accepting both physical and mental deterioration. Instead, with targeted and loving assistance, we can make possible a new turn toward the world. We believe that social integration in a world of family and children can make possible a new commitment to independent initiative.

Creative – Vital

Children are full of the joys of life, energy and the zest for action. They live in a singular world that is full of fantasy, curiosity and wonder. Elderly persons can look back upon a long life, which has marked them and molded them through different experiences. Bringing these two worlds together through creativity and movement is our goal.
We want to use a protected space to bring together children (with or without disabilities) and elderly people for the purpose of being physically, mentally and manually creative. In doing this, it is of no importance whether or in what way an end product is created, whether a song sounds perfect or an exercise is performed correctly. The focus is on being together, on the commonalities that unite people and affect them.

In creativity, every person, young or old, healthy or sick, can find form and expression for a feeling or a thought, each in his/her own unique way. These activities are intended to bring children and elderly persons together and mutually enhance their experience, and to give them a chance to help each other and to walk some steps through life together. For this purpose, every participant’s resources can be used to become a part of a dynamic process. Joy, curiosity about new things and the absence of any time or performance pressure should be the hallmarks of the hours spent together.

In this way, children with attention deficit disorders, developmental delays or behavioral problems can interact with elderly persons suffering from pre-dementia syndromes, limitations of mobility and various kinds of pain, and they can mutually support and encourage each other.

In social interactions involving tasks and encounters, elderly persons experience a natural resurgence of resources that have fallen into disuse or have no longer been required. In particular, their worldly wisdom and the patience that comes with old age can provide children with behavior problems with an unimagined space for development. In their mutual encounter, the social competency and attentional behavior of the children will be activated to the same degree as the memory retention and concentration of the seniors. In their mutual interactions, they can take steps in the direction of movement and development. In so doing, children and the elderly together achieve autonomy, assurance and a sense of belonging.

Myoreflex Therapy

The ‘muscles – bones – brain’ triad is the key to finding successful solutions at every stage of life. Muscle strength is critical for all of our movements and, moreover, for the stability of our bones.

The link between the brain and our muscles has to do with the fact that all muscular activities, and thus, everything we actively do, nourishes our brain and keeps it fit. This is true because muscles are critically important for the brain’s vital oxygen supply. Therefore, reduced activity leads to a reduction in brain performance. During our health week at the Christelsee we want to engage in active and stress-free exercise together as a way to help prevent a number of different physical problems.

Myoreflex Therapy is a targeted treatment for overcoming a range of different physical problems. Among its many benefits, it serves to stabilize unresolved arthritis conditions, to overcome painful states, to actively improve circulation and brain activity and to create a playing field for mobility, gait security and autonomy in old age. Expanded possibilities for movement and “diminished” pain open up expanded opportunities for social encounters to both younger and older participants, both during the health week and in daily life afterwards.


There is a great deal of attention paid these days to nutrition and diet. What makes sense is that through proper nutrition, we can support our bodies in maintaining and improving all aspects of performance through old age. To accomplish this requires some adjustments in our daily menus. What is particularly good for health is to have a substantial portion of fruit in the morning and at lunchtime. Noon and evening, the body should be supplied with plenty of vegetables, fish and organic meat prepared with high-quality oils, herbs and spices. Reduced consumption of processed meats, unhealthy fats, carbohydrates and sweets favors a promising future! During the health week, we place great emphasis on diet, and thus, we will be eating exclusively healthy foods during this period.

Together into the Future

What is of the greatest importance in dealing with people, in living with each other and for one another is warmth and honesty among all participants. This is the atmosphere that is meant to surround our therapy. Together with you, we would like to fashion our singular future in old age.


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