Myoreflex Treatment – A Therapeutic Dialogue

The interactions that disrupt physical and psychological equilibrium and ultimately lead to symptoms are always specific to each individual. Therefore, our work in Myoreflex therapy is not to treat an illness, but to treat a person.

Every individual brings along his/her unique personal history and this history is also stored deep within his/her muscular and locomotor systems. Myoreflex treatment is a process of careful inquiry, listening and palpation that gradually allows the therapist to develop a picture of balances and imbalances, relaxation, tension, and muscular shortening.

The act of palpation inherently includes therapeutic pressure and the reaction it evokes in the muscle, and this provides further information about the interconnections. Through a dialogue with the musculature using palpation, stimuli are set off in the body’s tension-controlling system directed at rediscovering a healthy and harmonious balance in the entire system. In the course of this process, for example, undesirable compensatory postures will be given up.

Sometimes, such regulation can happen in a short time, but sometimes repetition and persistence are required, especially if sequelae have already occurred, along with structural changes such as arthritis or damaged intervertebral discs. However, experience tells us that the body virtually always retains the capacity to bring even the most severe disruptions back into equilibrium one it succeeds in using and activating all of its latent potential.


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