On this page, we would like to present you with the experiences of some well-known individuals with Myoreflex Therapy. For this purpose, we conducted short interviews to give our patients a chance to have their own say.

»The world of professional sports is continuously improving its ability to understand and to regard the athlete as a whole person assembled from many different building blocks. I have no doubt that in the future, Myoreflex will be seen as one of those essential building blocks.«

REF Mosetter Klinsmann
Jürgen Klinsmann

»I have felt the effects of Kurt Mosetter’s methods in my work with the team: fewer injured players, more rapid and sustained rehabilitation after injuries and improved muscular performance capacity.«

REF Myo Hoffenheim neu
TSG Hoffenheim

»Because of their high stress levels, my players need treatment methods that work rapidly and effectively. We’ve had great success with Myoreflex Therapy. The players are able to adjust their muscular system much more quickly.«

REF HSV Handball
HSV Handball

»I have simply noticed that this form of therapy works extremely well on me. As a result of the Myoreflex Therapy treatments, and the KiD exercises, I have much more mobility on the field and have far fewer injuries.«

REF Tobias Weis
Tobias Weis

TSG Hoffenheim

»Myoreflex Therapy is a completely different method: it works in a simple way, and definitely a lot faster than, say, ordinary physiotherapy. I respond very well to this form of therapy and I just notice: this really helps!«

REF Chris
Chris Maicon Hening

Eintracht Frankfurt

»Now I feel much freer, even in comparison to my sense of movement in the absence of any injuries. Through Myoreflex Therapy and the KiD [Resistance training in stretched positions] exercises, I can move better now than I could before.«

REF Philipp Degen
Philipp Degen

VfB Stuttgart

»The therapy was designed from the beginning to match my kind of sport and to be prophylactic. The training methods are very good, because the training was very varied and constantly presented me with new challenges.«

REF David Fall
David Fall

Preußen Münster

»What helped me particularly was that my whole body was treated, that is, the muscle chains and connections all the way to the knee. From the very first treatment, I could feel that Myoreflex Therapy is super for my rehab!«

REF Erguen Berisha
Ergün Berisha

IbB Istanbul


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