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Cooperation Program with Paramed

For many years, Paramed has been the leading complementary medicine provider in Switzerland. With a diverse portfolio of training and advanced training programs and a practice that inludes different disciplines of complementary medicine, Paramed offers an extensive range of services for both therapists and for patients.
Since the beginning of 2011, we have collaborated closely with this competent partner in Switzerland. Together with Paramed’s co-founder, Urs Gruber, we have developed a new training program for certification in Myoreflex Therapy, which has been housed since January 2012 at Paramed’s facilities in Baar (Canton of Zug).

In addition, Dr. med. Kurt Mosetter has conducted direct patient consultations at the Paramed Outpatient Center for Diagnosis and Therapy in Baar. As a result, Myoreflex therapy has become a permanent feature of their training and treatment portfolio.

You can obtain additional information and a list of contacts at Paramed’s own website.


ZiT Konstanz

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