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For any questions, feel free to contact us. The easiest way is to send us an e-mail.

For questions about training in Myoreflextherapy, presentations or the practice index, please contact:

Vesalius GmbH

mail: ausbildung@akademie.mosetter.de

phone: +49 7531 91 85 37

For questions about appointments, treatment or costs in a Myoreflex pratice, please contact ZiT GmbH - the respective center for interdisciplinary therapies.

Note: If you are not yet in treatment, please do not send unsolicited findings or descriptions of your medical history. Unfortunately for legal reasons we can not process them.

ZiT Konstanz:

mail: zit-konstanz@mosetter.de

phone: +49 7531 91 55 01

ZiT Freiburg:

mail: zit-freiburg@mosetter.de

phone: +49 761 61 24 75 75

ZiT Gutach:

mail: zit-gutach@mosetter.de

phone: +49 7833 84 24

Detailed information on the individual centers for interdisciplinary therapies as well as our list of practices and therapists can be found in the practice or therapists index:


ZiT Konstanz

Obere Laube 44
78462 Konstanz


ZiT Konstanz
    +49 7531 915501    
Myoreflex Training
    +49 7531 3655835    

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