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The Team and Therapists in Konstanz

At the Center for Interdisciplinary Therapies Konstanz (ZiT) you will find an experienced and committed team of Myoreflex therapists working in close collaboration, including a number of instructors in the Myoreflex Therapy training program. On this page, we will introduce our practice team.

Since September 2018, we are happy about medical reinforcement in the team an we welcome Dr. med. univ. Bernadette Mansmann, a specialist in general medicine.

Mrs. Mansmann advises and treats you in our center with the following emphases:

  • Health prevention (laboratory diagnostics & consulting) Nutrients in acute and chronic diseases (vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, orthomolecular nutrient therapy)
  • Regulation of the energy metabolism and the optimization of the mitochondria (the power plants of the cells)
  • Health comes from the intestine (stool and laboratory diagnostics in chronic diseases & targeted treatment with intestinal bacteria so-called probiotics, fiber so-called prebiotics, micronutrients and healthy nutrition)
  • Diagnostics & nutrition in food intolerances (gluten, histamine, lactose, fructose)
  • Classical homeopathy (first and subsequent anamnesis with individual choice of remedy to touch the causal roots of current problem areas and to strengthen the personal life force)
Kurt Mosetter 375
Dr. med. Kurt Mosetter
Bernadette Mansmann quadratisch 375
Dr. med. univ. Bernadette Mansmann
Abel Martinez
Abel Martinez
Tanja Hemlein
Tanja Hemlein
Ralf Dierenbach
Ralf Dierenbach
Bernhard Fuerderer
Bernhard Fürderer
Guenther Miez
Günther Miez
Pascal Miez
Pascal Miez
Patrick Hawle
Patrick Hawle
Erla Hildebrandt m
Erla Hildebrandt

ZiT Konstanz

Obere Laube 44
78462 Konstanz


ZiT Konstanz +49 7531 915501
Myoreflex Training +49 7531 3655835

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