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The Structure, Time Course and Costs of Myoreflex Therapy Training

Basic Courses

The basic course in Myoreflex Therapy is comprised of 26 course days (including two examination days), which take place on weekends over a period of 1.5 years. At some course locations (e.g., Munich), the training is divided into nine weekend seminars, while at other course locations (such as Berlin and Hamburg) they take place on six weekends. The first day of each weekend session begins at 10:00 AM and the last meeting in a weekend course ends at about 3:00 PM in order to make it possible to commute to and from the course on the same day.

The number of participants ranges from 20 - 24 persons, and each course is supervised by three Myoreflex Therapy instructors. Every course block includes alternating theoretical and practical course segments.

According to the course location, the total cost for the basic training course in Myoreflex Therapy is 4420 EUR/5695 CHF. The tuition fees for the course include examination costs, three textbooks (“Myoreflex Therapy – Health training and neuromuscular self-regulation (KiD),” “The Muscle Book,” and “Myoreflex Therapy – Muscle Function and Pain Volume I”) as well as all written course materials and scripts.

We allocate 208 advanced education points for the entire basic course. Our allocation of advanced education points is provided on a conditional basis based upon the framework recommendations for advanced training requirements for physiotherapists that are valid at the time of allocation. Incorporation of these recommendations into framework agreements between the service providers and third party cost bearers has not yet been completed at the present time.

Advanced Courses

The two-day advanced courses required every three years for renewing the Myoreflex Therapy certificate take place on Saturdays/Sundays, mostly in Konstanz or Radolfzell.

The number of participants ranges from 20 to 30 individuals depending on the course topic.

The costs for the advanced courses range from 380 EUR to 400 EUR depending on the course topic.

We allocate 16 advanced training points for each advanced course.

For the advanced courses as well, the classes begin on Saturday at 10:00 AM and end on Sunday at around 3:00 PM so that commuting to and from the course is possible on the same day.


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