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The Myoreflex Therapy Map: Practices and Therapists

On these pages, you will find all the practices and therapists who provide Myoreflex Therapy. As service provider and operator of the official Myoreflex Therapy website, we have examined and provided the contents of the entries in the directory of therapists and practices and the references/list of practices with a valid Myoreflex training with the utmost care.

The Center for Interdisciplinary Therapies (ZiT GmbH), with its “main headquarters” in Konstanz and subsidiaries in Gutach, Herrenberg and Cologne, represents the heart of the Myoreflex universe. The Myoreflex therapists who work together at the center have many years of clinical experience and often help out as instructors for Myoreflex training on behalf of Vesalius GmbH, and assure the continued development of our discipline.

Using the practice search feature, you can selectively locate Myoreflex Therapy practices and therapists practicing in your vicinity.

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